Silver Jubilee

Tobacco Free Coimbatore Project

Tobacco Free Coimbatore (TFC) project is one of the new initiative, which was launched on World No Tobacco Day – 31st May 2017 by the honourable Dr. A. Amalraj I.P.S, Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City.

The project “Tobacco Free Coimbatore” vision is to create a tobacco free environment in Coimbatore district. This project is implemented with the support of volunteers from National Cadet Crops, Coimbatore district. Five cadets from 15 institutions will be the core commandos, who will oversee the activities of this project carried out by their team members at adopted communities in Coimbatore.

The objectives of TFC as follows:
  • To educate NCC members to establish a tobacco free coimbatore
  • To sensitize the community about the consequences of tobacco use through NCC members
  • To prevent the sale and use of tobacco products at adopted communities by implementing COTPA Act
  • To protect from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke
  • To reduce the influence of tobacco industry on young people & adults
  • To promote cessation among smokers


1435, Trichy Road, Near ELLARGI Petrol Bunk,
Coimbatore 641018