CCF organises cancer awareness seminars in both rural and urban regions on a regular basis to educate the people about the many forms of cancer. These presentations are delivered in several formats, including video clips, interactive sessions, and question and answer sessions.

CCF’s goal with awareness presentations is to reach out to the public and educate them about the condition. We reach out to almost a thousand people each year to raise awareness of breast, cervical, and head and neck cancers.


A Rural Palliative Home Care Service The objective of this concept is to develop a home-based palliative care service for the rural population. The objective is to identify and aid those suffering from chronic and....

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Rainbow Community

The Rainbow Community Project was started to raise awareness among school children aged 11 to 17 about the harmful impacts and health risks of tobacco smoking. Adolescents account for 21% of the overall population in....

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Tobacco Free Coimbatore

Tobacco – the leading cause of avoidable mortality in India The initiative’s objective is to promote public awareness about the risks of tobacco use by encouraging citizen mobilisation at all levels of society. Every day,....

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