Training Programme

“If you have knowledge let others light their candles”

We strive to impart our learning and knowledge to improve the capacity of students in the areas of counselling and psychotherapy, cancer types symptoms – detection, palliative care and role of a social worker in a cancer care NGO. Every year we associate with about 10 colleges for fieldwork training, internship and block placement. In addition to above training students are given exposure in conducting support groups and events.

We cover sessions on:
  • Cancer, types and stages
  • Treatments in Cancer
  • Palliative care and Bereavement
  • Counselling
  • Role Play on counselling techniques and skills
Training Programme
Training Programme


The Cancer Foundation offers a welcoming environment to facilitate the acquisition of essential skills for MSW (Master of Social Work) students during their field placements or internships. Throughout their posting period, students have the opportunity to develop counseling skills and provide psychosocial support to both patients and caregivers. They gain valuable hands-on experience and have the chance to visit rural palliative care programs, enhancing their understanding of the field. Students from diverse universities and colleges, both within Tamil Nadu and from other states, have been positioned, thereby enriching their skill sets.