Covid Relief to Karadivavi Community

Coimbatore Cancer Foundation conducted a COVID RELIEF PROGRAM for the community of Karadivavi, Lakshminaikanpalayam and Sulthanpettai. Following a survey we identified 45 Palliative Care Patients and 40 post COVID patients requiring nutritional supplements. On 26/6/2021, Saturday at 9:30 am CCF team with the support of the members of the community, volunteers and the Ex- President of Karadivavi distributed nutritional health support packs worth Rs 823 each to the beneficiaries at Karadivavi KalyanaMandapam. The packs were designed and customized by a certified nutritionist. Strict social distancing & COVID protocols were followed. Doorstep distribution was organized for the bed ridden and wheelchair bound patients. We thank everyone and promise to keep track of the relief work being done and how it is being utilized and seeks continuous support to reach out to more families in the community.