Precious Smile!

A few months back CCF’s counselling team came across an awesome girl who was just seventeen years old but had contracted with Germ Cell Tumor of ovaries. She was a state level cricket player with an ambition to play for the Indian Team, this diagnosis broke her will and the whole family was in a depressive phase. It was quite a challenge to convince her about the curability and good outcome of this disease, but our counsellor’s constant support improved her quality of life. The final PETCT showed a complete response, and all markers were negative giving her a complete cure. The news simply lit up a smile which warmed our hearts, a precious Smile beyond words!

Be the Change You Want To See!

A 47-year-old school teacher with a pain full swelling in his cheeks, he ignored the lesion for a long time and later on evaluation was diagnosed of carcinoma Buccal Mucosa. The person was reluctant to accept this diagnosis and he depended on alternate forms of medicine to get a cure, but unfortunately he progresses and the disease became infested with maggots! He came to PSG hospitals from where he was cleaned and supported by palliative team. The counsellor counselled him & his family to take appropriate treatment and diet for the disease, the chemotherapy was started and after completing six cycles of treatment the lesion stopped growing and shows good response to therapy, the effectiveness of appropriate communication amazed our team too and we see this as a great learning too! He later confessed to the doctor that “I shall use all opportunity to counsel all other patients on the importance and effectiveness of evidence based cancer car”.

Gratitude the Best Attitude!!

Mrs. Saraswathi, 56 years, housewife who hailed from Tirupur was diagnosed with Breast cancer with bone metastasis on May 2020. She was very sick and was bed ridden. She lost hope and was feeling blue. Her severe distress and physical symptoms due to disease was reduced by the palliative care team of CCF. CCF also contributed Rs.15000 for her treatment. Initially she had six month of prognosis but now it`s been a year and more. “I am very happy, energetic, symptom free and very grateful to CCF for all the support and service rendered to me and also I would wish to return my gratitude to CCF by carving scarf for hair loss patients” says Mrs.Saraswathi very generously.